Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Type of Bed Bug Inspection You Get

Today’s article comes from Mike at Valtain Pest Control in New Jersey. They specialize in chemical treatment with canine inspections to identify bed bugs and isolate the treatments. He has offered his unique insight into bed bug inspection.

The type of bed bug inspection you get goes along with the treatment you receive. Any company that is going to treat will need to prove there’s something to treat for before getting started treating. For many companies, no bed bugs found=no treatment. Bed bugs are really tough to inspect for. This is because they hide during the day, and come out to feed while you’re sleeping at night. Unless you’re inspecting right when they come out to feed, it’s really rare to find live bed bugs when inspecting unless it’s a large population. That makes it easier to identify a bed bug infestation by looking for what they leave behind- feces, skins, etc. There again- if it’s a small infestation, there might not be much to find. This makes the bed bug inspection an important piece to getting rid of bed bugs. Here are some things to think about.

There are two types of inspections bed bug inspections:

  1. Bed bug Inspection performed by a professional
  2. Bed bug Inspection performed by a canine trained to identify bed bugs

Inspection Performed by a Professional

These typically have a cost associated with them, but some companies will pro-rate the inspection cost from the cost of treatment. There are some really good professional inspectors out there, but there are some less than ideal ones as well. Make sure to do your homework and get a good one if you go this route. This route can be more reliable when getting a positive identification (human inspectors aren’t incentivized by treats to find bugs), but we believe there can be a higher fail rate for early infestations.

Inspection Performed by a Canine Trained to Identify Bed Bugs

Canine bed bug inspectors work very similarly to bomb sniffing dogs. They’re professionally trained to identify live bed bugs. In some cases, using a canine inspection means getting to treat less, as some companies will allow treatment in the areas bugs are found instead of the whole residence. There again, not all bed bug dog inspectors are created equal, so do your homework. We’ve heard of situations where less-than- reputable canine inspectors get false negatives because fido wants a doggy treat. We believe this route runs higher risk of a false positive, but has a better chance of finding early populations.

About Valtain

Valtain Pest Control is a New Jersey based bed bug treatment and inspection company. We offer bed bug canine inspections and liquid treatments. We’ve got the best value bed bug dog inspection in New Jersey.

To read an article I wrote for them, check out this post.

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  1. Hello.
    So my apartment was heat treated yesterday. I saw a bed bug crawling on the wall this morning. How normal is that ? Any comments on that
    Thank you.

    • That is not normal. Heat treatment should kill all bed bugs. I should mention I have had 2 customers call following a treatment saying they found a single bug but never saw another. That’s less than 1%. Normally it meant going back out to retreat. I wish you luck.

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