Can People Really Smoke Bed Bugs to Get High?

Can You Really Smoke Bed Bugs to Get High?

Can You Really Smoke Bed Bugs to Get High?

There have been dozens of reports and links floating around on Facebook saying that teens are smoking bed bugs to get high. As gross as this may sound is it really true. Can people really smoke bed bugs and get high?

As much as I’d like to think that no one would even try smoking bed bugs, we all know there are people out there disgusting enough to try anything to get a buzz. So we can safely assume that someone has tried it even before the reports started showing up. And we can safely assume that many more have tried to smoke bed bugs after reading the articles that show up frequently on my Facebook feed. The question remains, can you get high?

I’m willing to try a great many things to report truth back to my readers, but I’m not willing to actually smoke bed bugs. I have access to a great deal of them to try it, but I’m unwilling to inhale them into my lungs. Instead of actual testing, I did the next best thing; I Googled it, and what I found was surprising… or not surprising, depending on what you expected.

Smoke Bed Bugs… Just a hoax?

According to, reports complete with what appears to be an actual television news story are false. It appears it began as an April Fool’s hoax and like so many urban myths became a parental horror story. According to snopes, smoking bed bugs will not get you high.

It does seem there were quite a handful of legitimate news sites that were fooled by the hoax. The video which is originally about “dabbing” was altered very realistically. So, if you were disgusted and believed that people were really smoking bed bugs to get high, welcome to the club. Even many professionals fell for it.

Sadly, I’m sure there are a number of dumb kids that read the report, find bed bugs and smoke them without fully researching. Some of these bed bugs may have been treated with chemicals to try to kill them and the kids are smoking the chemicals. This sounds very dangerous to me.

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