How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Bites on a Woman's Leg

Bed Bug Bites on a Woman’s Leg

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs? Usually by the time I’m contacted to exterminate, the person has at least a pretty good felling that they have them. But in questions from the website the most common question is the one posed in the title. In case you can’t tell from a quick glance at my article titles, I love questions.

The most common way of discovering that you have bed bugs is by noticing bites on your skin. That is, if you or someone in your home is allergic to bed bug bites. Not everyone is. Read Why Do Bed Bugs Bite My Spouse But Not Me for more information. A quick Google image search will reveal that there is no one way that people break out. Some claim that 3 bites in a row is the most popular. In my experience the bites are sporadic and can often look like a rash.

Due to the inconsistencies many dermatologists will misdiagnose the cause. I have had customers try several different topical and internal medicines before noticing the bed bugs while changing sheets.

To answer the question posed earlier. Yes. Bed bugs are big enough to see. If no one in your home is allergic, you will typically have bed bugs for over a month until the population (and bugs) is large enough for you see them. You will normally find them in seams of the mattress while changing sheets. If the infestation is large enough you may actually see one crawl across you while awake in bed.

Occasionally, an especially sensitive customer will feel insects crawling at night and it will wake them. In cases where they can’t find the cause by the time they turn the light on, it can be maddening. Bed bugs are skilled at moving on a person’s skin undetected, so feeling them before you’re even aware of an infestation is rare. It is only slightly more common to feel them even when you know they are present.

How do you know if you have bed bugs? You will have unusual marks on your skin, or a rash. You will see them usually in the seams of your mattress or couch. If you suspect bed bugs there is likely to be a local exterminator that will perform a free inspection. Most are skilled and experienced enough to find them if you have them. Bed bug detection dogs can be hired for $300-$400 but are usually unnecessary. In the mean time, keep your head and read What To Do (and Not To Do) When You Have Bed Bugs.

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    • Typically bed bugs just cause rashes of varying severity, which usually is itchy and sometimes painful. When there is bleeding, it is normally due to the person scratching. I hope I answered your question. If you like, what other problems do you think may be caused by bed bugs? Thanks, Chad

  1. Hi we just recently got bedbugs and I don’t know how we got daughter and I the only ones that are getting bit by them.why is that? What are home remidies for stopping then itching? We get rashes but not to the point where it bleeds.

    • Most likely, it is not a case of you being the only ones getting bit. What is happening is that others in your home are not allergic to the bites. Take a look at Why Do Bed Bugs Bite My Spouse But Not Me? for more information. As far as home remedies, I don’t know of anything specific. Something meant for any other bug bites or rashes should be effective.

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