Bed Bugs Make Me Sad and Scared

Bed Bugs Make Me Sad

Cute Little Bed Bug-Free Baby - Bed Bugs Make Me Sad

This is my son. One of my greatest fears was bringing bed bugs home to him.

One of the first things I do while getting ready in the morning is check the stats on this web site. It used to be that I would have a handful of visitors that early in the morning. Now it just makes me sad to see more visitors by 6 in the morning than I used to get in an entire day. That means you are finding bed bugs and researching them in the middle of night. Bed bugs are exhausting you, keeping you awake. Bed bugs make me sad.

I understand the psychology of finding these bastard bugs. Your home just doesn’t feel like YOUR home anymore. It feels like you’ve been invaded… and you have. In my days as lead tech, quotes and co-owner of Dead Hot Bugs I’ve heard every imaginable story; turning on the lights to see your infant covered in bed bugs, wives sleeping on kitchen tables, families leaving their homes and all their belongings. I know their sadness and their fear. I empathize with every emotion.

I had to get away from the bed bug extermination business. It was just too heartbreaking. Even those with the money to treat immediately lived a nightmarish existence. If you’ve never experienced bed bugs first-hand, you cannot imagine the emotional toll that bed bugs take on your sanity. And those that didn’t have the money –  You could see it in their eyes, filling with tears, that they had no way of coming up with the money. We worked with them on discounts and financing, because it was just inhuman to turn someone away. Equipment, labor, fuel and especially insurance (you wouldn’t believe what insurance costs on a process that heats people’s homes over 120F) but we were always able to work something out.

Bed Bugs Scare Me

My stepson’s dad just moved into a new apartment and I am terrified that he is moving into an infestation and the boys will bring them home to us. I have an $80,000 heat treatment furnace at my disposal and getting bed bugs in my own home is one of my greatest fears. One night of putting my family through that seems unbearable.

I understand your fear and sorrow. Take a deep breath and do your research. Decide if treating yourself is right for you, though I strongly recommend finding a reputable exterminator specializing in bed bug heat extermination in your area. There are plenty of resources on the internet and feel free to ask me any questions you may have. And yes, really: bed bugs make me sad.

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Chad is the creator/owner of Big Bed Bug Blog. As the lead technician for Dead Hot Bugs in Columbus, Ohio he oversees every heat treatment. Trained by the equipment manufacturer, he has been with the company since day one. Prior to that, Chad was a technical writer and IT Business Analyst for a fortune 25 pharmaceutical distributor.

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