Ask The Bed Bug Expert

Ask the Bed Bug Expert

I would like to provide a service that I don’t see any other Bed Bug information site doing in order to help my readers. Having bed bugs or even thinking you do, can be a very troubling time. I’ve spoken to many customers that are in tears over finding them in their home.

I want to help you as much as possible. I’ve provided a form you can fill out to ask me any question you like. No one can see your name or email address or your question. It’s between you and me. I will be as responsive as possible and I can usually get to each question within an hour. Remember, I’m at a person’s house killing bed bugs and not just sitting at a computer.

Just Ask Your Question Here and I will reply shortly

About Chad

Chad is the creator/owner of Big Bed Bug Blog. As the lead technician for Dead Hot Bugs in Columbus, Ohio he oversees every heat treatment. Trained by the equipment manufacturer, he has been with the company since day one. Prior to that, Chad was a technical writer and IT Business Analyst for a fortune 25 pharmaceutical distributor.


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  1. I think my husband is cheating we have lived in same mobile home for 11 months and today when hand washing some of his clothes i noticed little bugs i believe to be bed bugs i had them long time ago before can he bring them home to me this way and can I prove that

    • It certainly is possible, but I wouldn’t rely on bed bugs alone as evidence. Someone can get bed bugs from anywhere and it hard to tell where they came from. It’s possible but not provable. I wish you the best of luck.

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